September 20, 2020

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Zylpha Introduces Greenwoods GRM to Document Bundling Environment


Top 200 Law firm Greenwoods GRM LLP has chosen Electronic Document Bundling from Zylpha for use with its existing Visualfiles case management software. By automating the bundling process with Zylpha, the practice can save considerable time and resources, allowing its staff to spend more time with clients handling their cases.

Greenwoods GRM has a strong reputation for delivering high quality legal services, combined with a personal and pragmatic approach to complex legal problems. The practice’s highly respected team strives to deliver efficient top quality services to all its clients. Electronic document bundling is one area where the practice saw an opportunity to enhance existing processes. The creation of manual bundles takes a great deal of preparation time, time that could be better used on supporting their clients’ best interests. Automating this process would free up much of that time.

Used in conjunction with LexisNexis Visualfiles, Zylpha’s Electronic Bundling software ( contains everything that Greenwoods GRM needs to create the highest quality document bundles. It can be accessed from a single-view dashboard-like screen, which makes it clear, concise and easy to use when creating even the largest most detailed bundles. This is because the system’s unique single-view digital approach streamlines and simplifies the arrangement and pagination of documents, saving a considerable amount of time and removing any complexity involved. The system is also widely acclaimed for its advanced security.

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