Why this southern European country is a hot place to move

(CNN) — With "work to live" rather than "live to work" as the unofficial lifestyle mantra, more than 1,100 miles of coastline to explore and delicious pastéis de nata all over the place, putting down roots in Portugal sounds pretty appealing.

And for anyone who dreams of packing up their life (or putting their house on the market, along with everything inside it) for sunnier shores, jetting off to live in Portugal may be more of a possibility than you realize.

The country has long been one of Europe's most accessible options when it comes to seeking residency, thanks to several visa programs offered to foreigners who are non-EU citizens (and also not from the European Economic Area, called the EEA, and Switzerland). And with a new temporary-stay visa geared toward digital nomads, remote workers are more welcome in the country than ever.

Some Americans who've made the leap say they're seeking more affordable healthcare and a haven from gun violence in addition to the lifestyle perks of the southern European country, including a slower pace, mild weather and tempting travel options throughout Europe.