October 30, 2020


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They charged the client’s account $50 with order to remove the negative review

Ocean View Motel in New South Wales

The Ocean View Motel in New South Wales, Australia has charged $50 for issuing a negative opinion. Booking.com has punished the owners of the motel and removed it from the list of facilities.

Motel owners feel aggrieved (Facebook.com/ Ocean View Motel)

Sharon Graham gave him a 6/10 rating after visiting the Ocean View Motel. She argued that the facility was well located, but the room she stayed in was “somewhat noisy” in her opinion. Motel owners have charged $50 to the client’s account. Adding information that the amount will be refunded if the opinion disappears from the Internet. “The fee will be refunded if you remove the review within 24 hours. If not, it will go to court,” was the comment on the invoice.

As reported by “news.com.au”, the owners of the motel decided to charge the client’s account because they felt that the review she gave was misleading, unreliable and did not reflect the real quality of her stay in the facility. They also explained themselves for weeks of fires in Australia and thousands of dollars in losses. In their opinion, one bad opinion is able to drastically contribute to a decrease in interest in the motel.

Booking.com quickly decided to remove the Ocean View hotel from the list of facilities available on the site. The owners were forced to temporarily close the motel in New South Wales after a series of dangerous calls and false reservations.

  • Such cases are extremely rare, but if we find out that the accommodation provider has tried to influence or pressure the client to remove or change his reviews, we immediately check it and we can suspend the property on our platform, as we did in this case. Says spokesperson for Booking.com in conversation with “Independent”