October 24, 2020


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The first British astronaut said: Aliens certainly exist. It is possible that they are on Earth

Aliens certainly exist

Sharman does not claim, however, that she saw the manifestation of extraterrestrial life during her trips to space. Like many other people, he believes that the Universe is simply too big for Earth to be the only place where life exists. “There are so many billions of planets in the universe that there must be other life forms somewhere,” she said in an interview with The Observer.

Aliens on Earth

The astronaut also stressed that life forms that exist outside our planet may not resemble life found here on Earth. Perhaps even these differences will prevent us from seeing them. “Would they be beings like me or you, made of carbon and nitrogen?” It is possible that they do not, she said and added that if we really cannot see them, they may even be here on Earth. It is possible that they are here and now and we simply cannot see them.

The USA confirms that the recordings of unidentified flying objects are real. The army for the first time in history admitted that it is a UFO. The recordings show UFOs, and according to the newly adopted UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) terminology have been registered by American pilots.

The authenticity of the films is confirmed by Joseph Gradisher from the US Navy. In an interview with The Black Vault, a blog about revealing government secrets, he said that “The Navy” defines the objects we see on these recordings as unidentified aerial phenomena. They could be seen for the first time in December 2017. They were published by both portals dealing with the topic of paranormal phenomena, and well-known newspapers, including The New York Times.