September 20, 2020

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The solar powered electric car is here

solar powered electric car

Sono Motors collects 50 million euros. The Munich company founders did not want to sell their idea of the solar car and started a crowdfunding campaign: Now they have reached their goal after a long dry spell.

On Twitter, Sono Motors published a number with 5 and 7 zeros: 50,000,000. The start-up from Munich needed that many euros to implement its electric car with solar cells including a car sharing concept. According to its own statements, Sono Motors has achieved this income. This message can be a surprise.

The solar powered electric project started slowly in 2016

We already reported on the city car in 2016, christened Sion, which, unlike other cars, is to be operated solely by solar power. However, the project is developing rather slowly, but has still not disappeared from the scene. The six-seater could turn out to be an environmentally friendly alternative on short journeys and reform mobility, at least according to the ideas of the founders Laurin Hahn and Jona Christians.

This should be made possible by monocrystalline solar cells that are located all over the roof and on the flanks of the body. A crystal-clear 8 millimeter thick layer of polycarbonate protects the sensitive panels from external influences. This results in an area of ​​around 7.5 square meters, which is capable of delivering a peak output of 1.1 kilowatts.

It should be possible to achieve a range of 30 kilometers a day. However, this route can only be covered with moderate driving behavior. They take advantage of the plant’s self-nurturing properties because it extracts the water it needs to survive from the flowing air. In addition, the company relies on a holistic, sustainable concept and also wants to produce the vehicle in a CO2-neutral manner.

A question of financial resources

Despite a successful crowdfunding campaign and negotiations with potential international investors, the entrepreneurs were unable to generate the capital they needed to produce Sion in series production for years. The goals set by Sono Motors would deviate too much from promising concepts to attract additional investors to the project. Economic growth is very popular on every corner and would not be compatible with the plans of the sustainable corporate concept. However, the start-up is largely sticking to this. They continued to look for alternative financing options, but also for investors who support the project as the founders envision plan seems to work.