October 20, 2020


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Roger Sperry Psychological Test

Roger Sperry Psychological Test

What animal do you see first? Roger Sperry Psychological Test

Nobel laureate and psychobiologist Roger Sperry discovered that the two hemispheres that make up the brain work in different ways.

This discovery led to the conclusion that the way we think depends on which brain hemisphere is dominant in us. Modern psychology can use this knowledge to prepare tests that can show us how we make decisions.

A simple psychological test

One of these psychological texts is presented below. Do not look at the picture for too long, do not analyse your reflexes. Look at the picture below. What animal did you notice first?

Lion’s head

If the animal you managed to see is the lion’s head, it means that the left hemisphere of your brain works better than the right. You are a person who has an analytical approach, you focus only on your goals.
Good organization is your strength. When you face a problem, you act logically, objectively and plan your next move in advance.
Due to the fact that you make decisions after deeper reflection, sometimes you do not pay attention to the views of others. Most likely, you have natural mathematical skills that allow you to find yourself in the world of science.

Hanging monkey

In this case, the dominant hemisphere of the brain is the one on the right. You are a creative person who is full of innovative ideas. When you have a problem, you try to rely on your intuition, even if it ever let you down.
You know what each step you take in life will give you. For you, travel is often more important than achieving an end in itself. You are the type of person who swings in the clouds. You often act spontaneously and emotionally treat events that happen in your life.
By relying on intuition and not on data analysis, you are able to think creatively and come up with ideas that others do not see.