October 24, 2020


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New car audio system with no speakers. See how it works.

New car audio system with no speakers

Thanks to a cooperation with Sennheiser, the Ac2ated sound system from Continental reach a new level. The manufacturers promise the highest audio quality by vibrating parts of the interior. Speakers would become superfluous.

The audio system of a car is very important for many drivers. You want a sound that is as perfect as possible and ideally reaches the level of the music system in the living room. Car manufacturers face this in several ways. Because speakers with good sound quality need space and must be optimally placed. This limits the design options in the interior. At the same time, the components naturally increase the weight of the vehicle.

Continental and Sennheiser have developed a sound system that works without the speakers.

“We have combined the highest level of expertise in the fields of acoustics, infotainment and vehicle design, and with Sennheiser we have gained an extremely competent partner to make our groundbreaking audio system Ac2ated Sound even better,” says Helmut Matschi, member of the board and head of the Vehicle Networking and Information division at Continental.