October 20, 2020


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A tragic accident on the court. A 15-year-old player is dead

Kent Yamazaki

A tragic accident occurred last week during the ITF Grade 5 junior tournament in Kathmandu, Nepal. As a result 15-year-old Australian tennis player Kent Yamazaki was killed.

The case is very mysterious. The authorities of the Australian Tennis Federation (Tennis Australia) have reported that Kent Yamazaki trained before the upcoming qualifying rounds for the junior tournament. He suddenly fell over and hit his head against the court. He never regained consciousness and died in hospital.

Kent Yamazaki case

Yamazaki’s death hit the Western Australian tennis community hard. Tennis player trained in Perth, where his parents Tomio and Kim live. “He was a favourite among his peers. He was widely respected by the tennis brotherhood for his hard work, sympathy and positive attitude,” says Tennis Australia.
“He was a real gentleman on the court and outside, and his passion and incredible work ethic meant that he was promoted in the rankings and reached the top in his tennis career, proudly representing Western Australia at many national events”. Yamazaki was considered a promising junior. Recently, he won the national championship with the Applecross Senior High School.
The Western Australian tennis community has rallied around the parents of the rising tennis talent.
His local club, Alexander Park Tennis Club, also released a statement to pay its respects to its popular member.