October 30, 2020


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European Logistic and Transport collapse due to coronavirus.

polish truck fleet

The transport market in Poland collapsed. Thousands of companies and employees have been penniless. Europoean leader in transport lead to massive delays across the Europe.

The coronavirus outbreak means problems not only in China or Italy. In Poland, the road transport market collapsed immediately. The number of bus trips fell by 97% The industry has made a dramatic appeal to the government. He claims that thousands of companies will fall without help and their employees will be out of work.

Tourist and business coach transport ceased almost completely. The Polish coach market, estimated at 10 billion, does not exist, it decreased by 97 percent and 2020 should be considered irretrievably lost – says the Association of International Road Carriers in Poland together with the Polish Association of Bus Carriers.

According to the organization’s data, the road haulage situation is also dramatic. The turnover of Polish entrepreneurs, estimated at 129 billion per year, has so far decreased by 30 percent.

  • However, there is no doubt that this is just the beginning of the decline. Adding up the losses of all branches of Polish road transport, we receive in the first month of the collapse caused by the epidemic an amount close to 4 billion write the representatives of the Association. The industry has just made a dramatic appeal to the prime minister.
  • There are no financial reserves of entrepreneurs or adjustment mechanisms to get out of this catastrophic situation. The market collapsed overnight. Even a month ago, no one was able to predict the scale of the problem, let alone plan remedies. We are in a situation in which we cannot survive without external help they write in a letter to Mateusz Morawiecki (Prime Minister).

Unofficial information has already appeared about the fact that the largest carriers in the industry are sending their drivers on forced unpaid leave. This is tantamount to being sent back to unemployment without earnings and the possibility of including this period in your seniority.

  • Polish carriers, which have been maintaining a strong position in the European Union for years, found themselves trapped without a solution within a few days. They have no chance of maintaining labor teams built with great difficulty, they do not have money for wages and social security contributions, they are not able to pay lease and loan receivables. There are no market ways out of this situation – they add.

What are the carriers asking for?

The postulates are quite specific. Carriers apply for the implementation of extraordinary measures: preferential revolving loans “for survival” for a minimum period of 4-5 years allowing for limited functioning of enterprises, concessions in the payment of ZUS contributions and relief in tax payments.

  • Only with the help of the state can our sector try to survive these problems, incomparable to any previous ones. Our priority is to maintain employee teams and to avoid mass layoffs of drivers and to protect the financing mechanisms of rolling stock owned by Polish road carriers they write in a letter to the Prime Minister.
  • They remind that Polish entrepreneurs currently have a fleet of over 247,000 vehicles in international transport of goods and almost 14,000 buses.
  • We sympathize with all affected coronavirus around the world, and at the same time we send a dramatic appeal to the rulers: Our industry has been affected by a natural disaster overnight.