October 20, 2020


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Environmentally friendly grilling

Environmentally friendly grilling

You can no longer only grill with gas and coal. Rather, solar barbecues and environmentally friendly barbecue utensils have been conquering online shops for several years. We have looked at some environmentally friendly alternatives for your next barbecue pleasure.

Grilling has become an integral part of eating culture for many people. Whether meat, fish or vegetables, there are hardly any limits to the preparation. However, many of the products required for this leave something to be desired, particularly with regard to sustainability.

Alternatives to disposable grills

As soon as the first warm days of spring arrive, the shelves in supermarkets and petrol stations are filled with one-way grills. In everyday life, this grill seems to be very practical at first glance. Basically they are too, because they can be used with little effort and simply disposed of after use.
But this is exactly one of the biggest problems with disposable grills. They are not very ecological and have practically no sustainability. A lot of energy is required for production, while the grill itself is only used once. If you don’t want to do without a disposable grill, but still want to help the environment, you should rely on models that were made from wood instead of aluminum.

Solar grills as a sustainable alternative

As a rule, coal barbecues are not an issue for tenants; instead, electric and gas barbecues have become established on German balconies. For some time now, solar barbecues have been on the market more and more. They do not need gas, electricity or charcoal and still deliver good results.
With regard to the purchase price, solar grills are significantly more expensive than most electric, coal and gas grills, but they are not inferior to the high-priced comparison models. This enables them to generate a heat of up to 250 degrees Celsius. This corresponds to the same performance that a conventional oven provides. Accordingly, the food can be brought to the desired degree of cooking without smoke and the environment being polluted.
The structure of the solar grills is usually based on the same principle. They have aluminum wings that are unfolded before use to absorb solar energy. A tube is attached between the wings into which the food to be grilled or cooked is pushed. The food is then heated with the help of solar energy.
Ultimately, the typical roasted aromas, such as those created by conventional grilling, are missing. However, the high temperatures inside the tube ensure that the grill products are actually fried and not just heated. This should be an important criterion especially for meat lovers.