October 24, 2020


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Coronavirus in Poland. There is a decision to close schools, nurseries and kindergartens

Coronavirus in Poland

There are more moves by the authorities regarding the coronavirus. “We have decided to close all educational establishments” – said PM Mateusz Morawiecki. He emphasized that “it is better to be wise before harm”.

  • We have 25, probably 26 cases of coronavirus infection in Poland – said the head of government. He added that the authorities “want to slow down the possibility of spreading the coronavirus to the maximum.”
    Schools, nurseries and kindergartens will be closed for two weeks, from Monday. However, the rulers recommend that children stay at home on Thursday. The increase of patients is very rapid, isolation is necessary the prime minister added.
  • We react faster than others to minimize the effects of the spread of coronavirus throughout Poland. Responsibility is key. We are responsible for the whole society. It is better to be wise before damage – said Morawiecki.

The head of government spoke at a press conference. Ministers of science and higher education, health, family, work and social policy as well as education are also present. The conference was preceded by a meeting of the government’s Crisis Management Team.

Coronavirus in Poland. Ministers’ decisions

Minister of Health Łukasz Szumowski took the floor after Morawiecki. He appealed to those who would not attend school or college. It’s not a vacation. It is a time of quarantine, a time we should spend at home, he said. He emphasized that in Poland we have 25 cases of coronavirus infection. Sanatoriums are medical facilities will not be closed.

Then Dariusz Piontkowski, the minister of national education, said that from Thursday, didactic and educational classes were suspended. He added that if parents do not have what to do with their children, they can leave them in institutions.

However, there will be no classes. The decision does not affect the schedule of the school year he noted. As he said, teachers will remain ready to work, but they will not be forced to come to work.

Magdalena Maląg, the minister of family, labor and social policy, emphasized that all care facilities will be closed. She also talked about the allowance that will be collected from the state budget and about remote work. “No sick leave is needed, just a statement from parents,” she said.

There are already 25 cases in Poland

In turn, Jarosław Gowin stressed that from March 12 there will be no classes at universities. As he pointed out, this is not about closing the university. Theaters, concert halls, museums as well as cinemas and art schools will cease operations from tomorrow – said Piotr Gliński. Scientific work in museums can be continued.

He talked about the need to change behaviors such as showing a hand. He touched elbow to minister Piontowski to present an alternative.

Coronavirus in Poland. Latest statistics

On Wednesday morning, the Ministry of Health reported three new cases of coronavirus infection. I am talking about a young man from the voivodeship Mazowieckie (Warsaw), a woman from the province Podkarpackie (Łańcut) and a woman from the voivodeship Lublin (Lublin).

In total, there are already 25 cases in Poland. The first was confirmed on March 4. He is a man from Cybinka (Lubuskie Province) who visited daughters in Germany. He returned to the country by a cruise bus. He was hospitalized in Zielona Góra. The services identified passengers who traveled with him. They were quarantined.

The prime minister has also canceled all mass events.

He is infected, among others general commander of the types of armed forces general Jarosław Mika. The military was at council in Germany. “The persons accompanying the general were quarantined,” the Ministry of National Defense said.

The prime minister has also canceled all mass events.

Coronavirus in Poland. COVID-19 on all continents

Infectious disease COVID-19, caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, first appeared in the city of Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. From mid-December, it spreads quickly across all continents. By Wednesday morning, more than 119 thousand were confirmed. Coronavirus infections. 4,293 people have been killed since the outbreak of the outbreak.