October 20, 2020


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British airlines in bankruptcy. Cause of coronavirus.

British airlines in bankruptcy

On Wednesday, the British carrier Flybe officially announced the termination of operations. The unexpected collapse of the company caused quite a stir in the Islands. Chaos reigned at the airports. Passengers got stuck without being able to return home.

The British company has long been struggling with financial problems. Probably the plans for further development proved too ambitious. Doubts about the future of the line arose when the £100 million loan that the company’s board of directors had been unable to obtain.

Coronavirus has made the situation worse. Although the company has long been struggling with financial problems, the current outbreak has dramatically reduced the demand for air travel and has plunged the airlines.

Despite all efforts, we currently have no alternative we have not been able to find a viable solution that would allow us to continue working. I am very sorry that we were not able to secure the funds needed to implement further changes, said Mark Anderson, CEO of Flybe in an interview with BBC.

Passengers left at the airports.

According to the Daily Mail, many passengers were left alone at the wrong airports without being able to return home. On some aircraft, passengers waited for hours for a flight that did not take place. Those who did not manage to arrive at the airports were advised to return.

The carrier’s website immediately stopped working. The company posted a message in the official social media about the immediate termination of operations. Airport markings were also quickly removed.

The British government pledged to help. As a result of the company’s collapse, about 2,300 employees will lose their jobs. The government has already helped Flybe at the beginning of January. Currently, it offers assistance to employees in finding a new job and cooperation with other airlines to replace services.

It is difficult to compare a regional carrier with such airlines as British Airways, Ryanair or EasyJet, but their loss will cause serious difficulties. Cities like Southampton or Exeter will be deprived of most connections. In the case of Southampton, Flybe served about 95 percent flights.