October 20, 2020


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The asteroid passed Earth with 76k km/h

The asteroid passed Earth

Although this is not the first asteroid that bypassed our planet at such a high speed, scientists note that the whole situation was quite unusual.

On Saturday, February 1, a tiny asteroid just 1 meter in diameter flashed near our planet at incredible speed. This is the first such a small object that came close to Earth and was not pulled in by its gravity.
Asteroid 2020 CW was on Saturday at a distance of about 16,500 km from the surface of our planet, when it passed at a speed of 76 680 km/h. Although this distance is impressive, it is worth noting that the majority of satellites placed in Earth’s orbit are about 35,000. km above us.
This makes the asteroid 2020 CW take the 8th place on the list of space objects that were closest to our planet. Scientists note that it is interesting that such a small object, which was in range of Earth, just passed it. If he was drawn into the atmosphere, he would probably burn down quickly.

Passing Earth asteroid present real danger

While the tiny asteroid had no chance of affecting Earth, NASA reminds us that the threat from the asteroid is real. Scientists do not know when, but they are sure that sooner or later a significant asteroid will collide with Earth, the effects of which we will all feel.
For this reason, a planetary defence system is being developed, and scientists estimate the likelihood where a potentially dangerous object will strike. The most significant example of the consequences of the collision of the asteroid with Earth in recent years is the disaster that took place in Chelyabinsk in 2013.